Fipron Tube Roll


Fipron Tube Roll

Fipron Tube Roll is a potassium-based portable aerosol fire extinguisher. It is designed for use on Class A (subclass A2), B, C, E class fires.

The working principle of Fipron Tube Roll is based on the safe activation of the aerosol obtained as a result of combustion from the cartridges in the body. The special aerosol compound is not pressurized and is stored separately in dry form in cartridges. The fire is suppressed by the dynamic effect of the aerosol jet directed towards the flame, cooling the burning object and chemically inhibiting the chain reaction of the fire (preventing oxidation by cutting the bond with oxygen).
It is in the “Portable Clean Gas Extinguishers” class.
No Dust, sediment, etc. in the area where it is used.
During its activation, it does not release toxic components harmful to the environment and living things.
Fipron Tube Roll does not require any maintenance and technical service throughout its life.


Slight and Ergonomic
Enough Time for Intervention
Does Not Leave Dust, Residue and Waste
Easy Usage
Non Pressure
No Service and No Maintenance
Produced with Aerosol Technology
Ecofriendly and No Harm The Alives
No Harm The Atmosphere
Clean Extinguisher Gas Used
No Harm The Human Health
Global Warming Potential Is Zero
No Harm the Installation Area
Quick Activation

Usage Areas

Low-Voltage Current Plants
Ship and Boat Engine Rooms
Car, Bus, Train etc. Engine Rooms
In Flammable Liquid Tanks Rooms
In Transformer and Electric Rooms
In Electrical Installations
Ammunition Rooms
Kitchens and Cafeterias
Boiler Rooms
Reaction Time

≤ 5 sc


(Key Button)


No Maintenance


(60 months Against Manufacturing Defects)

Working Temp.

(-50 C to +80 C)

Discharge Time

(more than 40 sec.)


(Aerosol Compound)

Self Activation

(300 C and Above)

Class A

Fires (Solids)

Class B

Fires (Liquids)

Class C

Fires (Gas Fires)

Class E

Fires (Electrical Fires)

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