Fipron Room Type Aerosol Fire


Fipron Room Type Aerosol Fire

Fipron Room Type Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems are based on suppressing the chain reaction, which is a chemical process, in the combustion area. The main element of the system is the aerosol fire suppression generator. The metal body contains a solid aerosol-forming composition; Equipped with a cooling system and starter.

Self-contained aerosol fire suppression systems with thermal interaction (thermal) or electric starter are designed for locating and suppressing flames emanating from electrical equipment, including flammable and easily ignited liquids, solid flammable materials, and energized equipment.
The pyrotechnic effect from the starter activates the aerosol component. As a result, the fire extinguishing aerosol fog is formed and suppresses the flame. The aerosol particles formed during the activation process are very small (5-10 microns) and can remain suspended in the environment for about 45 minutes. When the extinguishing concentration fills the room, the temperature drops, the environment cools, and the flaming stops.
It is easy to install, communicate with additional installations, etc. No protocol is required.
Ecofriendly and No Harm The Alives. It is also easily cleaned from the environment it is in.

Usage Areas

Electrical Equipment Under Voltage up to 40 KV
Telephone and Server Cabinets
Radio Stations
Automatic Telephone Terminals
Parking Areas
Shopping Malls
Production Facilities
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