Fipron Cord

Cord 5m Solo

Fipron Cord

FIPRON cord is a new generation fire extinguisher. It is a structure consisting of composite materials consisting of a mesh compound and microcapsules. FIPRON Cord can stay in the area where it is mounted for years in standby mode, in case of fire at any point of the cord, it automatically extinguishes the fire at the initial stage without allowing it to grow, preventing loss of life and property.


Extinguish the Fire in the Initial Stage
No External Installation Required
Easy Installation
No Maintenance
Does Not Need Any Personel Intervention
Produced with Nano Technology
Does Not Need Extra Space and Does Not Create Additional Burden
Ecofriendly and No Harm The Alives
No Harm The Atmosphere
Clean Extinguisher Gas Used (FK-5-1-12)
No Harm The Human Health
Global Warming Potential Is Zero
No Harm the Installation Area
Quick Activation

It can be used in electrical outlets, junction boxes, electrical distribution boards, etc. It is designed for protection against “Class A, Class B, and Electrical Fires” in sections with a closed area of ​​50 dm3 to 4.000 dm3.
FIPRON CORD is a flexible structure made of material prepared using fire extinguishing gas.
Its installation is extremely simple, it must be mounted to the upper part of the potential ignition source.
The operating instructions must be followed during assembly.
It is completely independent and does not need any human intervention.
It is guaranteed for 60 months against manufacturing defects.

Usage Areas

Industrial Facilities
Healthcare Organizations
Museums and Historical Buildings
Railway Stations
Shopping Malls
Theatres and Cinemas
Seeways and Airways
Undergrounds and Tunnels
Energy and Infrastructure Plants
Public Buildings
Gas Stations
Convention Centers
Reaction Time

5 - 30 sc

Activation Temp

120°C - 150°C


No Maintenance


(60 months Against Manufacturing Defects)

Working Temp

(-50 C to +80 C)

Extinguishing Capacity

(max. 4000 dm3)


(Perfloro-Keton F-K-5-1-12)

Class A Fires (Solids)

(IP 20 and up)

Class A

Fires (Solids)

Class B

Fires (Liquids)

Class E

Fires (Electrical Fires)

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