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About Us

Fipron Mühendislik A.S.

Fipron Muhendislik A.S. introduced our country to Microencapsulation Technology, new and important technology in fire prevention in 2017. With this technology, electrical fires that can occur in any area, starting from electrical outlets, can be extinguished automatically at the initial stage before the fire is allowed to grow.
FIPRON fire extinguishing products can remain in standby mode for years. Our composite materials, formed with the help of FIPRON technology, have the ability to suppress the fire at its own source. The microcapsules in our products explode automatically when the fire heat reaches the activation temperature, releasing the trapped extinguishing agents and automatically intervening in the fire.
Fipron Muhendislik A.S. is proud of presenting this technology to our people and creating safer work and living spaces against fires. With our strong R&D staff, we will continue to offer newer and safer fire-related products every year.

Autonomous Fire Suppression System

World-patented independent FIPRON brand regional fire extinguisher products extinguish the fire immediately at its source and use it to eliminate the risk of fire spreading.


Due to this being a life and property safety product, it is recommended to be installed by certified expert technical personnel.
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Autonomous Fire Suppression System
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